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Our Products - for Polarion ALM


We have developed a number of products which help in solving day-to-day problems in real projects.

  Mendix and Polarion Connection demo project

Mendix can be used to provide new interface into Polarion ALM data for different groups of users.

Compare & Merge your Projects

  • provide a different interface into Polarion
  • be deployed in the Cloud and scale-up
  • allow your users to create new Apps to view Requirements, Test Cases, etc
  • provide simplified access to your data for 1.000s of users without technical skills
  • and more ...

Key Words & Facts: Mendix, Polarion ALM, low code, new GUI/UX/User Interface

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  Compare and Manage Changes in Polarion ALM projects and templates" (for Admins)

Tool for Administrators and Power Users to control and manage changes in your Polarion projects and templates. Allows separate "compare and merge" for Configurations and Data.

Compare & Merge your Projects

  • compare 2 or multiple projects
  • compare HEAD or specific REVISIONS
  • get REPORT of differences. Make NOTES inside the report.
  • detect COMPATIBLE changes/differences.
  • merge/copy compatible changes automatically
  • view merge conflicts
  • and more...
  • Basic FREE - good starting point to help control changes in Configurations of your Polarion projects;
  • Advanced PAID - has additional functionality: detection of compatible changes, connection to "PM" project, approval of changes via workitems, and more...

Key Words & Facts: Template, changes in Polarion ALM, difference in project configuration(s), maintenance, merge, manage changes, for Administrator or Power User

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  Polarion project Template "PM - Polarion Maintenance" (for Admins)

Template for Administrators to control and document changes in your Polarion projects configurations; to track issues, bugs and change requests from users. It helps to organize communication between Users and Admin(s).

  • control and document changes in Polarion ALM configuration
  • users can create Change Requests
  • special permissions for ordinary users to see only own Chnage Requests (no leak of information about other projects)
  • track issues and bugs
  • write Requirements for your Projects
  • multiple admin-specific Reports: "Users and Roles", "Workitems Change History", "Find Broken Links", "Workflow and Links"
  • Basic FREE - good starting point to help control changes in your Polarion projects;
  • Advanced PAID - has additional functionality: more reports, more widgets, more predefined workitems.

Key Words & Facts: Template, changes in Polarion ALM, project configuration(s), maintenance, Polarion Change Request, communication, queue, KanBan, for Administrator

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  Integration Polarion ALM with qTest

Useful integration to support test execution in qTest without loosing traceability and coverage in Polarion ALM.

  • copy Test Cases to qTest
  • copy results back to Polarion
  • preserve links in Polarion
  • execute in qTest
  • view reports in Polarion and in qTest

Key Words & Facts: qTest, QASymphony, Integration, Polarion ALM, Test Management, Test Execution, Round trip of Test Cases, Traceability

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  Widget for Polarion ALM "GANTT chart for workitems"

Shows workitems as colored rectangles on the TimeLine, based on startDate, endDate.

  • display workitems, based on startDate, endDate
  • display TimePoint(s)
  • display "Today"
  • display progress of work
  • use different color based on Status field

Key Words & Facts: GANTT, workitems, Date, Timeline

  Widget for Polarion ALM "TestResults Historic Trend"

Shows historical data for all TestCases from selected TestRuns.

  • display number of TestResults Pass/Fail/Blocked/NotExecuted
  • display Historical data, going back in time/revisions
  • allows to see progress of testing
  • configurable

Key Words & Facts: TestResults, Trend, Diagram, Historical Statistics

  Widget for Polarion ALM "Show all types of Baselines in Polarion Project"

Shows all types of Baselines.

  • display Project-level baselines
  • display Collection-level baselines
  • display Document-level baselines
  • display all Baselines on one report-page

Key Words & Facts: Baselines, Widget, LiveDoc, Collection, Project

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  Email Notification - as Summary for *multiple* workitems

Send single email to group of people with configurable list of workitems selected by query.
Reduce number of Notification Emails from Polarion ALM.

  • find "late" workitems and send summary in one single email
  • generate statistics information and send in regular email
  • regular updates with single email summary
  • reduce number of Notification Emails to be read

Key Words & Facts: Email Notification, Summary in single email, statistics.

  Log Analyser, License Usage Statistics - to see daily use of Polarion by users

Do you know:

  • how many users use Polarion ALM at your company?
  • how many Polarion ALM Licenses are used every day, every hour?
  • how to optimize licenses assignment and benefit in long-run (Named license, Concurrent licens) ?

This is critical information for big Polarion ALM installations with 100+ users.
By knowing the statistical data you have a better license optimization and cost optimization, less users will get a disappointing message "You cannot login because the license is not available"

This plugin can answer these questions and help you improve license managemen.

  • find daily statistics - how many users login into Polarion
  • find the "active" users, who use Polarion more and "not active" - who use Polarion less
  • generate statistics information: License Usage Statistics
  • find user's behaviour: who actively makes changes and edits information; who only reads the information

Key Words & Facts: Log Analysis, Summary of daily logins, statistics.

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  Loading data Word Table by Column

Do you need to import requirements from Word Table - by Column, not by Row ?
We can answer this question.

  • parse and split data from vertically-aligned table
  • automatically load data into custom fields of workitem

Key Words & Facts: load data, Word Document, Table, by Column (not by Row)

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Our PRODUCTS - for Telecom

  3GPP Message Analyser

CSN.1 and ASN.1 Message Analyser for 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE standards. The product provides online functionality to decode and encode the protocol stack messages between mobile station and network defined by 3GPP standard.

  • CSN.1 and ASN.1
  • Decode and Encode
  • WEB based
  • up to date with the latest 3GPP specifications
  • Showing Hex and Binary representation of the message elements

Key Words & Facts: CSN.1 and ASN.1 Message Analyser for 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE standards.

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