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Log Analyzer, License Usage Statistics for Polarion ALM

to see daily use of Polarion by users and optimize your license usage/assignment

10th August 2021


It is now possible to view the information about license usage on report pages inside Polarion ALM proejcts.

Polarion ALM standard "Global Administartion->License" displays only the maximum peak of users since the last restart of Polarion.

Quite often managers and administrators want to see the monthly/daily/hourly trend of license usage across multipe log files (ignoring the restart of Polarion server and merging the data from different log files).

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Why you need it?

Do you know:

  • how many users use Polarion ALM at your company?
  • how many Polarion ALM Licenses are used every day, every hour?
  • what is the usage pattern during 24 hours? Can you reuse the licenses in another geographical location?
  • how to optimize licenses assignment and benefit in long-run (switching some active users from Concurrent license to Named license) ?

This is critical information for a big Polarion ALM installations with 100+ users.

By knowing the statistical data you have a better license optimization and cost optimization, less users will get a disappointing message "You cannot login because the license is not available"

Our plugin can answer these questions and help you improve license managemen.


  • view the daily statistics - how many users login into Polarion
  • find the "active" users, who use Polarion more and "not active" - who use Polarion less
  • generate statistics information: License Usage Statistics
  • find user's behaviour: who actively makes changes and edits information; who only reads the information


  • view the license usage historical and current data at any time / instantly
  • analyze how many peaks do you have
  • optimize license usage by switching "extremely active" users from Concurrent license to Named license



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subscription license: 2.500 euros
per year
for one Polarion ALM server, no limit on number of users

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