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Polarion project Template "PM - Polarion Maintenance"
(for Admins)


Useful Template for Administrators to control and document changes in your Polarion projects configurations: to track issues, bugs and change requests from users.

It helps to organize communication between Users and Admin(s).

  • Why you need it?
  • Benefits
  • How it works
  • The Teams - Collaboration
  • Workflow
  • What you can see in this Polarion Template


Why you need it?

Useful Template for Administrators to organize their work.

  • document Changes in Polarion configurations.
  • document Requirments.
  • communicate with Users.
  • keep track of work in Agile way (KanBan, ScrumBoard, Plans, etc).


Admins, Users and Managers see the following benefits:

  • => single database for all Change Requests
  • => single database for all Requirements for different Projects in Polarion
  • => standard way to create workitems and submit Change Request
  • => permissions are controlled and can be restricted

How it works

  1. Change Requests are submitted by Users and Administrators - to implement some new report, make some changes, create new user, customize project, etc.
  2. Chnage Requests are solved/implemented by Administrators.
  3. Weekly discussion and prioritization is done by Administrators.
  4. Users are notified automatically by email when Change Request changes status and is finally implemented
  5. Historical analysis of Change Requests and Requirements is possible.

The Teams - Collaboration

Users - submit Requirements and Change Requests.
Admins - implement changes in configuration of Polarion.


What you can see in Polairon ALM

  • Special Workitems.:
    • "Polarion Request"
    • "Issue"
    • "Requirement"
    • "User Account"
  • Special Reports.
    • "Find Broken Links"

Workitems and Reports


Work Item types Polarion Request and Issue have the same Workflow. This Workflow makes the implementing of Polarion Request and Issue convenient and helps to control the whole life-cycle from creation to being fully resolved.

Report "Find Broken Links"

The report displays Work Items with broken links for a selected project:

  • links, which point to the deleted Work Items (Table #1 below);
  • link roles are either not allowed by current linking rules or link rules were deleted from project configuration (Table #2 below).

Report "What User has Changed? - WorkItems Change History"

The Report shows a list of Work Items updated in selected period in selected project for selected user.

Our Offer

We begin our client engagement with a careful evaluation of requirements to find the technology which best suits the client’s needs. Garantis IT Solutions provides dedicated services, covering a complete design – from concept to market. We also offer on-demand expert services that can be tapped at any stage of the product development cycle.

Garantis IT Solutions can take up a part of or the complete software development process:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

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