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Training about Polarion PLM (Course or Do-It-Yourself)

Courses provided by us

We provide cources in English and Russian languages about Polarion ALM.

1. Basic course
+ Projects
+ WorkItems
+ Documents
+ Report Pages
+ Linking & Traceability
2. Advanced course
+ administration
+ data migration
+ optimization

3. Polarion Programming
+ Velocity
+ Java API

4. Company specific
+ Your Process
+ Your WorkItems
+ Your Documents
+ Your Report Pages
+ Your Linking
5. Individual Training
+ step-by-step
+ guided by expert
+ role-based
+ real-life scenarios
+ remote via internet


Here you will find list of:
- our courses (on customer site)
- practical recommendations how to learn Polarion by yourself (Do-It-Yourself).

Our Recommendations - How to learn Polarion - Do-It-Yourself

The basic knowledge about Polarion you can get from online presentations hosted by Polarion at www.polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com and www.youtube.com

WATCH - Video Courses from Polarion/Siemens

You can find the official Polarion Tutorial Videos on this page: https://polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com/tutorials. These videos give you basic overview about the Polarion User Interface and basic Poalrion Functionality.

We recommend the watch the videos in following order:

1. Polarion Portal: Introduction.  	(9 minutes)
2. Traceability Basics 			(5 minutes)
3. Browsing Work Items 			(10 minutes)
4. Work Item Queries 			(4 minutes)
5. Basic Workflow Configuration 	(7 minutes)
6. Easy Linking for Traceability 	(2 minutes)
7. Polarion LiveDoc™ Documents  	(6 minutes)
8. Project Basics (Part 1)  		(7 minutes)
9. Project Basics (Part 2)   		(6 minutes)
TOTAL:					56 minutes

READ - Online Help about Polarion ALM

Links to official website with Online Help:

Picture above is from Polarion Online Help.


Job Options

What are your Job Options, if you know Polarion ALM?

Job Title Job Description

Consultant Provide consultancy about setting up Polarion (for each company - special setup)

Trainer Give training courses about Polarion.
Explain during training:
(a) the basic principles & ideas of Polarion ALM,
(b) advanced features,
(c) generic Requirements Management.

Administrator Setup and maintain Polarion in a company (configuration, customizations, upgrades)

Consultant/advisor in SW development PROCESS (a) help analyse and map companys' processes to Polarion,
(b) explain/implemnet Agile/SCRUM/SAFe in Polairon for specific company

Typical Job Description

Typical job description for Polarion ALM specialist contains requirements described below. You do not usually need all skills at the same time. But to have them is an advantage. For different jobs you will need different minimal set of skills.
Experience in Requirements Management, Application Lifecycle Management, 
or Product Lifecycle Management is required. 

Solid background and experience in one or more of the disciplines covered 
by Polarion ALM solution, including: 

•Requirements Management,
•Change Management,
•Task Management,
•Project Planning,
•Status, Progress, and Time Reporting,
•Quality and Performance Audits with Metrics,
•Build Management,
•Configuration Management,
•Team Collaboration and Communication,
•Test Case Management,
•Release Management,
•Build Management,
•Variance Management

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