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Best Practice in using Polarion

Here we give you some examples what you are recommended to do when using Polarion at your company.

Create and maintain "How To" documents

In majority of cases Polarion is customized to suit the needs of a company. People customize workflows, report pages, documents, etc. Over the time nobody will remember why and how specific element of Polarion is configured and how it shall be used. This brings risk of: (a) not knowing how to use Polarion in the best way; (b) loosing good ideas, already implemented, but forgotten and lost because of lack of documentation.

One responsible person as Administrator

Have one person as the main Administrator who knows what is going on in you Polarion.

He shall be responsible for:
- Adding new plugins, templates, extensions. He will anlways know what is installed in you Polarion and for what reason.
- Adding/removing users
- Creating and executing the General plan of "How Polarion shall be used in your company"

Regular meetings "What is new in our Polarion"

Keep your team informed about new Features in your Polarion.

Make regular meetings once in a month or once in three months - depending on how many changes are implemented in Polarion.

Automate generation of Documentation

To have up-to-date documentation you can use automated scripts. These scripts can gather information about your Polarion configuration and will help you better understand what exists and what still needs to be done.

For example:
- Draw Workflow extension, available for free on polarion website.
- Draw Links extension, available for free on polarion website.

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