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Polarion User Group - conference - 2018-Dec, Germany

Date: 6 December 2018. Time:08:00-16:00.
Place: Smart Factory OWL, Langenbruch 17, 32657 Lemgo, Germany
Duration: 8 hours.
Language: English.
Audience: 70 people (35 in person + 35 watching online).

Ways to Attend:
1. Personally - visit the meeting:Smart Factory OWL, Langenbruch 17, 32657 Lemgo, Germany
Smart Factory OWL premises
2. Skype - join remote: https://join.skype.com/gTVQg1HtjEFX

Websites: www.XING.com - Polarion User Group

GARANTIS IT Solutions Ltd. takes active part in organizing the event and presenting some information/sharing experience about Polarion projects.

This Conference is a good chance for users of Polarion to share experience, find solutions, learn new ways to solve common tasks, to find out about the future plans for Polarion ALM product.


07:45-08:00 Check-in & Coffeeguests arriving
08:00-08:15 OpeningGuido Lange on behalf of Polarion User Group
8:30-9:00 Widgets - more User-friendly Features in Polarion
[PDF download]
Konstantin Klioutchinski, Garantis IT Solutions, Berlin
11:40-12:05 Polarion in Agile, SAFe, etc Jiri Walek, NEXTEDY
12:05-12:45 Making Polarion Part of Field Test Incident Processing Daniel Höllisch, AGCO
12:05-12:45 Document Version Control Substituting Baselining in Polarion Guido Lange, cip alpha
12:45-13:45 Lunch
12:05-12:45 New in Polarion 18+ Radek Krotil, Siemens PLM Software
12:05-12:45 Roadmap Polarion 19 and 20
- strategic feature portfolio of Polarion ALM (next production year and partially also beyond)
- strategy and plans regarding Polarion ALM features and tailoring for dedicated industries like automotive, medical etc.
- recent enhancements and further plans for LiveReport Pages/Widgets
- performance and scalability enhancements and plans
Radek Krotil, Siemens PLM Software
12:05-12:45 Windchill & Enovia Polarion Connectors Nicolas Marais, EB Solutions
12:05-12:45 Polarion and DevOps Integration – How Polarion R&D is Using Devops Toolchain Radek Krotil, Siemens PLM Software
13:45-15:00 Collection of and discussion on questions and problems when using Polarion ALM
15:00-15:15 Coffee Break
17:00-17:15 Feadback, Good Bye

Diary of the Conference

The Conference started on time, at around 7:45. The meeting room was located in the Smart Factory OWL in Lemgo, Germany. The building is very modern and nice, well prepared for conferences. There is a big hall with modern factory equipment, such as Kuka robots, transport robots, laser machine, 3D printing, and other technologies.

There was a good skype connection and many people listened and watched the presentations via skype (from other countries as well). The scheduled presentations finished at 17:15 and some people left. However the open discussion continued untill 18:00. During the conference we had a good chance to ask questions about functionality, problems and plans related to Polarion ALM and get some more info about Teamcenter integration.

Why JOIN Polarion User Group? - to have ACCESS and CONTRIBUTE to:

  • "WISH LIST" - a centralized list of what users would like to add/change in Polarion. It is stored in Polarion project, hosted by Polarion User Group.
  • "BEST PRACTICIES" - you can find recommendations for different groups of users: for every user, for admin (IT), etc. It is stored in Polarion project, hosted by Polarion User Group. Project name "PUG_BestPractices".
  • "CHANGE REQUESTS + BUG REPORTS" - list of prioritized Change Requests. Users can see which problems are already known. Project name "PUG_ChangeRequests".

What are other ADVANTAGES of Polarion User Group?

  • to find out the latest news about the products and the strategic plans for the future.
  • to have a chance to see key people (Project and Product Managers, Developers, Consultants) and to ask questions. If you do not come to the conference - then you do not have access to these people.
  • to listen to other people, about their experience. Case stories presentations show how the products can be used and give you good ideas.
  • become known in the professional circles. If you have something to say - then the conference is the best place to become known and to share your ideas.

Review of the Conference - what was said about Polarion ALM


  • Polarion User Group (PUG) is now part of "PLM Benutzgruppe" www.plm-benutzergruppe.de. Evolutionary step to give Polarion User Group an Jurisdictional Entity
  • Membership fee 490 euros starting 2019. To take part in User Group meetings you need to pay annual membership per company. It gives access for 2 people to the events organized by "Polarion User Group" (and by "PLM Benutzgruppe").
  • news about latest and next versions of Polarion ALM (from Siemens/Polarion).
  • case studies from customers, including our presentation Widgets - more User-friendly Features in Polarion
  • discussion of problems and solutions, exchange of experience.

See you at PLM Europe - 2019 ?

Come and meet GARANTIS IT Solutions at PLM Europe 2019 in Berlin.

We will be pleased to share and demonstrate our knowledge in Polarion ALM.

Share Expert Knowledge - Meet us at the Conference

GARANTIS will be available to discuss your strategic requirements for ALM Solutions:
  • Which ALM solution is good for you?
  • Choosing Polarion as ALM solutions
  • Initial Setup of Polarion
  • Customizations & Maintenance
  • Process definition and Implementation of Processes in Polarion
  • Integrations (Jenkins, Polarion, GIT, etc)
  • Tricks & Tips

We are involved every day in short-term and long-term contracts during all stages of the software development projects.

To share our knowledge with you will be a pleasure for us.

Meet us after the Conference

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