Tracebility of Workitems in 2D (table) and 3D (graph)


Traceability - general information

Traceability is the capability to trace something. In Polarion ALM tracebility is implemented by "links" between workitems.

Traceability - Demonstration
Traceability - 3D model

Why use Traceability?

Traceability helps to answer the following questions:

  • How is this item related to other items?
  • What is the type of relationship?
  • What is the impact of change in this item on the other items?
  • What is the impact of change in other item(s) on the this items?

Example of Traceability - as 2D Table

This picture shows relationship between items in 3 levels of depth.

Allowed links
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Example of Traceability - as 3D Graph

This video shows 3 types of items connected by links. The different types are marked by different color.

1. purple - system requirments, high level.
2. green - software requirements.
3. blue - functions, which implement the top level requirments.

Click the video below to play or download.

Allowed Links between items

It is possible to define different types of links between items and to restrict the user to create only the allowed liinks. Later we can search the items linked by specific link types or we can search only for links of specific types.

For example.

Allowed links
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Link Types

You can define new types of links and give them any name. Here we show some examples from real projects.

Topic Direct and Back Link Description/Comments
"test" -> tests
<- is tested by
"implement" -> implements
<- is implemented by
"verify" -> verifies
<- is verified by
"impact" -> impacts
<- impacted by
"depend" -> depends on
<- is depending on
"relate" -> relates
<- is related
"tracks" -> tracks
<- is tracked
"reveal" -> reveal
<- is revealed by
"review" -> reviews
<- is reviewed by
"migrate" -> migrate to
<- migrate from
Used to link Work Items migrated/moved/copied from one project to another.
"duplicated" -> duplicates
<- dublicated by
Used to indicate that one Work Item is a duplocate of anothe Work Item.
"parent" -> has parent
<- is parent of
Used to indicate hierarchical relationship between Work Items.
"covers" -> covers
<- covered by
Stakeholder Requirement => covered by => Test Case.
Test Case => covers => Stakeholder Requirement.
"traces" -> traces to
<- leads to
Software Requirement => traces to => Stakeholder Requirement.
Stakeholder Requirement => leads to => Software Requirement.
Problem Report => traces to => Anomaly/BugReport.
"detected" -> detected by
<- covers
Anomaly/BugReport => detected by => Test Case.
Test Case => covers => Anomaly.
"contains" -> contains
<- is part of
Regulatory Documentation => contains => Regulatory Requirement.
Regulatory Requirement => is part of => Regulatory Documentation.
"derive" -> derived from
<- derived by
"mitigate" -> mitigates
<- is mitigated by
"produce" -> produces
<- is produced by
"analyze" -> analyzes
<- is analyzed by
"refine" -> refines
<- is refined by

Traceability Matrix

The links between items can be displayed as Traceability Matrix.

For example.

Traceability Matrix
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