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Collections in Polarion

19th April 2020


Collection can be used to organize documents into groups ("packages" or "containers") and to allow people to work inside these "containers". While in Collection, then users will be restricted to make links *only* between workitems located inside this Collection.

In our example we use 2 Collections to allow two groups of people to work on the different versions of related Live Documets.

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Why you need Collections in Polarion?

Link: Help about Polarion ALM - What is a Collection?

Collection is a containers for live documents with additional functionality:

  • Collection can be Closed
  • Collection can point to revisions of LiveDocs or to HEAD version
  • Collections can have custom fields
  • Collections have History

Benefits of Collections in Polarion

Focused work:

  • restriction of links
  • only allowed Documents are visible (other are hidden)

How Collections work

  1. create new Collection
  2. add Live Documents to Collection (specific versions of each document)
  3. open Collection, read or edit LiveDocuments
  4. close Collection


Class CollectionUtils Package com.polarion.alm.shared.api.utils.collections

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