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Welcome to Garantis IT Solutions

We are a software development and cosultancy company located in Reading, UK - the center of British Silicon Valley. Our specialists work across Europe, including Germany - Berlin.

A source of software engineering solutions for technology driven companies

Helping companies in their digitalization transformation and consequences in system and software complexity.

Working closely with our clients’ teams at every stage of the development lifecycle, we provide expertise, commitment, and value delivering an outstanding solution.

Based on our experience and help of industry experts - we developed new ISO26262 TEMPLATE for Polarion ALM.

Register to get a FREE copy end of June 2020: info@garantis-solutions.com

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Aerospace & Defence Automotive Solutions Medical Devices Enterprise Agile Embedded systems
Reduce time-to-market and improve quality and safety across multiple, complex systems. Collaborate across complex internal and supplier ecosystems. Accelerate Functional Safety compliance for ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE. and CMMI standards. Accelerate Medical Device Innovation and Automate Proof of Compliance. Achieve agility while protecting quality and compliance regulations. Keep your approval process as lean as possible but still compliant. Automate management of systems engineering projects and develop quality embedded software with the industry's highest efficiency and ROI.

We provide consultancy in the following fields:

  • Polarion ALM Consulting - Application Lifecycle Management

    Our specialists can give you independent advice on:
    1. evaluation of Polarion before you purchase the product
    2. using Polarion in your project
    3. integration of Polarion with other systems
    4. general recommendations on Requirements Management, Test Case and Test Results Management, Build & Release Management in Polarion
    5. Rollout of new project, Customization, Maintenance
    6. Training
    7. Industry-specific advice

  • Software development Services (On-site, Near-shore, Off-shore )

    Our consultants have successfully worked for international software companies around the world in the following areas: Telecom, Embedded Systems, Mobile Applications, Client-Server Applications, Payment Systems.

    We were involved in short-term and long-term contracts and outsourcing services, providing support during all stages of the software development.

    Garantis IT Solutions mission is to improve competitiveness of its clients by bringing in state-of-the-art software technologies and top project expertise for their business with optimized cost.

  • Test Results Management

    Automation of test case and test results management using our software product TestTrace.

    We can help you with (a) migration from Excel-based approach to centralized storage of test results; (b) integration of our tool into your software development process and your tools and systems; (c) recommendations on organizing your testing processes.

  • Requirements Management using DOORS

    Our specialists can give you independent advice on (a) evaluation of DOORS before you purchase the product; (b) using DOORS in your project; (c) integration of DOORS with other systems; (d) general recommendations on Requirements Management.

Integration Polarion ALM with qTest

Useful integration to support test execution in qTest without loosing traceability and coverage in Polarion ALM.

  • copy Test Cases to qTest
  • copy results back to Polarion
  • preserve links in Polarion
  • execute in qTest
  • view reports in Polarion and in qTest
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Widget for Polarion ALM "GANTT chart for workitems"

Shows workitems as colored rectangles on the TimeLine, based on startDate, endDate.

  • display workitems, based on startDate, endDate
  • display TimePoint(s)
  • display "Today"
  • display progress of work
  • use different color based on Status field
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Widget for Polarion ALM "TestResults Historic Trend"

Shows historical data for all TestCases from selected TestRuns.

  • display number of TestResults Pass/Fail/Blocked/NotExecuted
  • display Historical data, going back in time/revisions
  • allows to see progress of testing
  • configurable
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Our PRODUCTS - for Telecom

3GPP Message Analyser

CSN.1 and ASN.1 Message Analyser for 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE standards. The product provides online functionality to decode and encode the protocol stack messages between mobile station and network defined by 3GPP standard.

  • CSN.1 and ASN.1
  • Decode and Encode
  • WEB based
  • up to date with the latest 3GPP specifications
  • Showing Hex and Binary representation of the message elements
Go to Product http://3gpp-message-analyser.com

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